Claudia has an uncanny ability to bring us the right people, something the other companies failed at miserably. Claudia was the only successful – and wildly so – recruiter we had during my tenure at (this company). Claudia is a bright shining star in the Twin Cities recruiting pantheon.

Ira Mitchell, Independent Consultant, Blogger
Webloggist Media LLC

Claudia is at the very top of my list. She is ethical, committed and hard working. She earns every cent of her fee by keeping the candidate excited about the opportunities through what can be a drawn-out recruiting cycle at times. Claudia is an artist with her abilities to listen to the career/corporate needs of both and then strives to nurture a harmonious employment relationship between the two.

Monica Hamling, Human Capital Partner
United HealthGroup

Claudia's connections enabled her to find strong talent in high demand areas. She delivered when she said she would, was reasonably priced and provided candidates who were capable of growing with and are still impacting my company today. All of her placements have done extremely well. I should know - she placed me here, too!

Liz Danielson, Director, Testing and QA, Development

I highly recommend Claudia as an IT talent recruiter. Claudia is results-driven, ethical, and effective. She does what's necessary to understand your staffing needs so that she can match the right candidate with the job. I worked with Claudia to fill several individual contributor and management positions and without exception, she delivered highly qualified candidates that were a good fit. In every case, the candidates she found who were subsequently hired are all still with the organization and are doing excellent work. Great track record.

Vincent Bryan, 2VP, IT Applications

Claudia assisted my department with recruiting talented and experienced software quality assurance resources. Her knowledge of the industry and of the local talent saved us time and effort (money) because her referrals were exactly what we had requested. Claudia took the time to understand our business and our culture ensuring an excellent match.

Joan Coffey, UK Systems Executive

Claudia has successfully recruited three very talented Human Factors Scientists for my team. The candidates she identified were of the highest quality. She is professional and a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Claudia and look forward to working with her again.

Wende Dewing

I must say that I have never worked with a recruiter who is more thorough in her efforts to match the right talent (which in this case was me) with her client's need. I went into the interview process better prepared than I ever have, and as a result I got the offer. She asks the tough questions that get to the heart of the matter. Whether as a hiring manager, or if I ever have to personally engage a job search again, I will not hesitate to engage Claudia's services. She is a true professional.

Brian Hackerson, Sr. Technical Manager

Claudia was a real advocate for me when I was looking to move to a new company with an expanded role early in my career. She wasn’t just looking to get me a new job and collect a fee – it was obvious to me that she really cared about finding me a position I was excited about with a company that she believed in. With Claudia you get personal, 1-on-1 attention that allows her to understand what you want in a new position, what you’re passionate about, and what your skills are. I never felt I was working with an impersonal firm that just wanted to place me – it really was a relationship that was cultivated between Claudia and me. We have stayed in contact with each other for many years and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Allison Andrews, Assistant Vice President
U.S. Bank

Claudia is one of the most talented technical recruiters I have ever worked with. She has a unique eye for qualifications and intangibles. She deftly balances her roles as advocate for the candidate and advocate for the employer, excelling at both. A real "student of people,” she is friendly and engaging and yet very analytical in her assessment of candidates. When it comes time to close the deal she negotiates with strength and character, working tirelessly to remove any obstacles preventing the employer from getting the candidate they want. If I were looking for work or seeking to hire technical talent, Claudia would be among the first people I would contact.

Roger Glover, Lead Technical Consultant

I've just completed my first week at Cargill and find the culture and team environment to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. The on boarding experience and team environment has left me feeling very welcome, fully supported in steering my professional destiny and 100% committed to the brand and mission of the organization. I wanted to share this with you and to thank you again for your involvement in the hiring process. I look forward to building a successful career with XXX moving forward. My sincere gratitude,

Mike Schroeder, Project Manager

This job has been 1000 times better than I ever expected. The business unit is doubling in size over the next couple of years because of 3 huge deals that we won over the last few months. I have been put in charge of a massive project with a $3 Million budget and 30 resources. I am making huge moves within the organization and am getting a lot of exposure working side by side with a number of VPs. Thanks so much for thinking of me when (hiring manager) was looking for someone.

Marc Jolicoeur, Program Manager, Director

I met Claudia approximately ten years ago during my search for a technical opportunity in the Twin Cities area. Her investigation into my abilities was thorough and professional and quickly produced an interview with a firm from which I received a generous offer. I have since risen through several titles to a position of leadership and couldn’t be more pleased with the fit. Claudia clearly possessed a strong understanding of both her client’s needs and mine, producing excellent wins for all involved. I am pleased to recommend Samuelson Resource Group as a strong and effective advocate for any firm in need of expert assistance locating and bringing in the right professional for its long-term success. —
Claudia did an outstanding job of listening to what I wanted, and placing me in an ideal position.

Brian L., Software engineer

In my experience 'Recruiting' is a very sensitive process and even the smallest mistakes in communication can make or break the lifetime opportunity. That's where Claudia comes in. I was amazed by the support I received from Claudia. She was not only able to provide me a clear understanding of the job opportunity but also helped me see growth opportunities with the prospect. I would highly recommend any individual looking to make a career move to use Claudia's services and her professional network.

Ajay, SAP High Level Individual Contributor
Medical Device & Retail

Over the course of my career, I have worked with many recruiters. Only three truly stand out and Claudia is one of them. When I worked with Claudia I knew that she understood my abilities and experience and she understood the needs of the employers she was serving. I knew that she was never wasting my time or the time of the companies we connected with. When I am in a position to hire, Claudia is the kind of recruiter I want to work with. For me, she set a standard by which I evaluate other recruiters.

Robert, Sr. Software Engineer
Airstrip Technologies

“Claudia represented me in 2000 when I was looking to move to Minneapolis from Chicago and continue my consulting career. We worked endlessly on marketing and positioning me and Claudia continued to work tirelessly to find me opportunities even as the market was collapsing in the Twin of the opportunities Claudia had for me was with Perficient - an IT consulting firm based in downtown Minneapolis. Perficient was perfect for me, but the timing wasn't -- I had great interviews but nothing materialized. During the entire process Claudia was honest, upfront, and most importantly when it comes to recruiters -- overly communicative and prompt. She knows the market, knows the industries she does placement for, and knows how to work with job seekers -- knows how to market them, coach them, and prepare them for opportunities. FOUR YEARS LATER....Claudia called and Perficient was hiring again, she was contracting with them to look for Delivery Directors -- she called me. Four years later...I was still in Chicago, had settled a bit, but I was amazed that she stayed on top of the client, the market, and my resume...I interviewed for the position (didn't get it) and a week later convinced Perficient (and me) to take a Senior Project Management role. Six years later I am running the Minneapolis office as General Manager. That is the power of working with Claudia!”

Ed Hoffman, VP