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Over the course of my career, I have worked with many recruiters. Only three truly stand out and Claudia is one of them. When I worked with Claudia I knew that she understood my abilities and experience and she understood the needs of the employers she was serving. I knew that she was never wasting my time or the time of the companies we connected with. When I am in a position to hire, Claudia is the kind of recruiter I want to work with. For me, she set a standard by which I evaluate other recruiters.

Anonymous, Software Engineer


I must say that I have never worked with a recruiter who is more thorough in her efforts to match the right talent (which in this case was me) with her client’s need. I went into the interview process better prepared than I ever have, and as a result I got the offer. She asks the tough questions that get to the heart of the matter. Whether as a hiring manager, or if I ever have to personally engage a job search again, I will not hesitate to engage Claudia’s services. She is a true professional.

Brian Hackerson, Sr. Technical Manager


I’ve just completed my first week at Cargill and find the culture and team environment to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. The on boarding experience and team environment has left me feeling very welcome, fully supported in steering my professional destiny and 100% committed to the brand and mission of the organization. I wanted to share this with you and to thank you again for your involvement in the hiring process. I look forward to building a successful career with XXX moving forward. My sincere gratitude,

Mike Schroeder, Project Manager

United HealthGroup

Claudia is at the very top of my list. She is ethical, committed and hard working. She earns every cent of her fee by keeping the candidate excited about the opportunities through what can be a drawn-out recruiting cycle at times. Claudia is an artist with her abilities to listen to the career/corporate needs of both and then strives to nurture a harmonious employment relationship between the two.

Monica Hamling, Human Capital Partner
United HealthGroup

Independent Consultant

Claudia has an uncanny ability to bring us the right people, something the other companies failed at miserably. Claudia was the only successful – and wildly so – recruiter we had during my tenure at (this company). Claudia is a bright shining star in the Twin Cities recruiting pantheon.

Ira Mitchell, Independent Consultant, Blogger
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